Chapter Three (part 2): Lords Know

75- There’s Always a Prophecy

76- Tough Crowd

77- Temporary Balls

78- In a Break from Character

79- Grappling with Confusion

80- Questing Distribution and Management

81- Six Panels of Scheming

82- From Winterfell with Indifference

83- To King’s Landing with Haste

84- Leaving So Soon

85- Changing Settings

86- A Question of Plot

87- At the Inn of the Kneeling Man

88- You can Always Rely on a Mercenary

Chapter Three (part 1): Lords Know

60- Lords Know

61- A Model City

62- R-R-R-Role Call!

63- Post Economics

64- Official Appointments

65- Trash Talk

66- Hoodoo Voodoo

67- Backs Against the Wall

68- Lord Snow

69- Old Faces in a New City

70- Spider in the Brothel

71- I know, but I don’t Know

72- The Plight of Ser Not-Important-to-the-Plot

73-Twisted Firestarters

74- Do I Wanna Know

Chapter Two (part 2): The Long Road

45- On Route to the Wall

46- Non-Critical Failure

47- The Ballard of Fat Steve

48- DM of Ice and Fire

49- The Late Eddard Stark

50- The Prince’s Duel

51- Swords of the Trident

52- In the Shadow of the Wall

53- CSI Winterfell

54- The Valyrian Steel Blade

55- Planning for the Future

56- Bandits of the Night

57- Trials and Tribulations

58- Verdict of a Fat King

59- Doggy Heaven

Running behind again… That’s a theme of this comic.

Chapter Two (part 1): The Long Road

30 – The Long Road

31 – Changing Perspective

32 – Breakfast at Incesties

33 – Worry and Confusion

34 – In a Break from Reality

35 – Flashback to Tomorrow

36 – Be (Carefully Restrained) in the Country

37 – Marital Dilemmas

38 – Expositional Education

39 – The Morning After Two Days Before

40 – Oh What a Lovely Day

41 – Kicking the Cock

42 – So Long, and Thanks…

43 – Night’s Watch Bruv

44 – Bye-Bye Bastard

Introducing two of my favourite characters to write for: Lizzie, and Robb.

Robb was in chapter one, but we only start seeing his interesting manner of speaking here in #43.

Seeing as I was basing this largely on Darths and Droids, I wanted to bring in one of my favourite elements of that comic (especially in the first arc), which was Sally – the younger sister of one of the first two PCs.

Lizzie’s not as present as Sally is, and she’s got a different personality (I hope).

More of them both, next week.

Happy New Year/Decade Everyone!

Chapter One (part 2): Winter is not Coming

16 – When the Sun is is Literally Any Position

17 – Brothelly Love

18 – A Feast for Lions

19 – Knifey-Spooney

20 – He Speaks… Sort of…

21 – Resistant to Cutlery

22 – Silence of the Lamb Stew

23 – Luwin’s Lament

24 – Luwin’s Letter

25 – Luwin’s Loss

26 – A Hunt for Answers

27 – A Fly on the Wall

28 – I Shall Scream!

29 – A Long Way Down

One session down, nine more to go with the re-upload. Hope you’re enjoying reading (or re-reading) these back-to-back like this.

I’m particularly happy with a couple of these. I think they’re already improving in quality from the first dozen.

There’ll be wild changes in characterisation for some time yet, but the tone’s starting to settle down.

Bring on Episode Two!

Chapter One (part 1): Winter is not Coming

1 – Winter is not Coming

2 – An Unexpected Characterisation

3 – The Quest Hook

4 – Cartography 101

5 – Exposition Drip

6 – The Coming of the Creepy Doll Women

7 – The Forgetting of the Creepy Doll Women

8 – A Familiar Face

9 – A Message from the King

10 – Stark’s Assemble

11 – We Have to Stop Meeting Like This

12 – A Charismatic Calamity

13 – And You Thought He Was Dead

14 – A Study of Cryptography

15 – A Geographical Proposal

Transport yourself back to 2014, when the Winds of Winter was just around the corner. Season 4 of the biggest TV sensation ever had just been released, and it was just as good as the first three. The show showed no signs of decreasing in quality and as they moved into (in my opinion) the best book/books a young Thrones fan was eagerly expressing his love of the show with RPG themed fan-fiction.

That is, I wrote this at the age of 16, instead of revising for my A-Levels. That’s why a lot of these early comics are riddled with mistakes, and the tone jumps around a lot. It settles down soon, (and I stop using comic sans) so give it a chance.

I’ll be posting re-runs of the comic, half a chapter at a time every Sunday at 12 noon GMT until I catch back up with what was already released on the old website.

As you can probably guess, this web-comic is heavily inspired by Shamus Young’s DM of the Rings and The Comic Irregular’s Darths and Droids. Both of those are great, check them out. Also, TV-tropes has a list of similar screencap comics (called Campaign Comics for confusing reasons) so if this sort of thing interests you, check out some others.

An introduction… Again…

Hello! You’ve scrolled back to the first thing on the site, so I might as well make it worth your while.

I’ve been writing these strips since 2014, and was using a different hosting site to publish them to a steadily dwindling audience. I was pretty happy with writing stuff that nobody really read, but since that website’s had a total overhaul to remove all customisation, destroying all of my formatting and blog posts. It also set each of the 300 comics as it’s own chapter, meaning it was really annoying to read.

Anyway, long story short, it seemed about time to pay for something more reliable (if less web-comic oriented). If you’ve not already, give it a read.

The style takes a few chapters to settle down, so stick with it. See you in the new updates