Chapter One (part 1): Winter is not Coming

1 – Winter is not Coming

2 – An Unexpected Characterisation

3 – The Quest Hook

4 – Cartography 101

5 – Exposition Drip

6 – The Coming of the Creepy Doll Women

7 – The Forgetting of the Creepy Doll Women

8 – A Familiar Face

9 – A Message from the King

10 – Stark’s Assemble

11 – We Have to Stop Meeting Like This

12 – A Charismatic Calamity

13 – And You Thought He Was Dead

14 – A Study of Cryptography

15 – A Geographical Proposal

Transport yourself back to 2014, when the Winds of Winter was just around the corner. Season 4 of the biggest TV sensation ever had just been released, and it was just as good as the first three. The show showed no signs of decreasing in quality and as they moved into (in my opinion) the best book/books a young Thrones fan was eagerly expressing his love of the show with RPG themed fan-fiction.

That is, I wrote this at the age of 16, instead of revising for my A-Levels. That’s why a lot of these early comics are riddled with mistakes, and the tone jumps around a lot. It settles down soon, (and I stop using comic sans) so give it a chance.

I’ll be posting re-runs of the comic, half a chapter at a time every Sunday at 12 noon GMT until I catch back up with what was already released on the old website.

As you can probably guess, this web-comic is heavily inspired by Shamus Young’s DM of the Rings and The Comic Irregular’s Darths and Droids. Both of those are great, check them out. Also, TV-tropes has a list of similar screencap comics (called Campaign Comics for confusing reasons) so if this sort of thing interests you, check out some others.

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