Chapter One (part 2): Winter is not Coming

16 – When the Sun is is Literally Any Position

17 – Brothelly Love

18 – A Feast for Lions

19 – Knifey-Spooney

20 – He Speaks… Sort of…

21 – Resistant to Cutlery

22 – Silence of the Lamb Stew

23 – Luwin’s Lament

24 – Luwin’s Letter

25 – Luwin’s Loss

26 – A Hunt for Answers

27 – A Fly on the Wall

28 – I Shall Scream!

29 – A Long Way Down

One session down, nine more to go with the re-upload. Hope you’re enjoying reading (or re-reading) these back-to-back like this.

I’m particularly happy with a couple of these. I think they’re already improving in quality from the first dozen.

There’ll be wild changes in characterisation for some time yet, but the tone’s starting to settle down.

Bring on Episode Two!

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