Chapter Two (part 1): The Long Road

30 – The Long Road

31 – Changing Perspective

32 – Breakfast at Incesties

33 – Worry and Confusion

34 – In a Break from Reality

35 – Flashback to Tomorrow

36 – Be (Carefully Restrained) in the Country

37 – Marital Dilemmas

38 – Expositional Education

39 – The Morning After Two Days Before

40 – Oh What a Lovely Day

41 – Kicking the Cock

42 – So Long, and Thanks…

43 – Night’s Watch Bruv

44 – Bye-Bye Bastard

Introducing two of my favourite characters to write for: Lizzie, and Robb.

Robb was in chapter one, but we only start seeing his interesting manner of speaking here in #43.

Seeing as I was basing this largely on Darths and Droids, I wanted to bring in one of my favourite elements of that comic (especially in the first arc), which was Sally – the younger sister of one of the first two PCs.

Lizzie’s not as present as Sally is, and she’s got a different personality (I hope).

More of them both, next week.

Happy New Year/Decade Everyone!

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