A Game of Roleplay is an RPG screen-cap comic using screenshots from HBO’s smash hit TV epic: “Game of Thrones.”

It tells the story of a role-playing game rich with murder, intrigue and a strong resistance to following the story set out by the GM.

At present, I’m posting one chapter a week, on Sundays at 12 noon GMT until we catch up with what was uploaded to the old site.

Game of Thrones and associated character and place names are registered trademarks of Home Box Office Inc, which does not sponsor, authorise, or endorse this comic. Original episode images are copyright Home Box Office Inc, and are used here only as a vehicle for parody. The comic images may not be redistributed or sold.

What People Say

Thank you very much for making these, they put a smile on my face…


MAAAn! You nailed it!


Man, smackjeeves really screwed up their entire website right? Like, I couldn’t even see the names of these commenters because their new format has deleted almost every one of their old accounts. Those guys are dicks

I dunno… Ghandi?

Let’s build something together.

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